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Corporate University

Getting your Corporate University off the ground

Corporate Universities exist to help company employees grow professionally while sharing and developing their base of skills. This is a powerful cross-cutting management approach that boosts performance.

  • A Corporate University (CU) reinforces consistency in HR projects, encourages the development of a corporate culture and makes it easier to share insights on business and management practices. It builds ties between different entities within a company and fosters positive change.
  • Our experience, individually-tailored toolkit and knowledge of what makes or breaks a Corporate University will enable you to save valuable time while implementing custom-designed solutions to meet your strategic and HR targets.
  • We can support you in your drive to foster skill development and help company employees grow professionally through a wide array of innovative actions as part of your long-term project.

Nous vous accompagnons ainsi dans la construction d’un enrichissement de compétences et de développement pour les collaborateurs avec des dispositifs variés et innovants, dans le cadre d’un véritable projet sur le long terme.

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A practical approach that adds value for your CU project leader

Corporate University Practical Approach

Monday 23 March 2015

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